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CHIPPER UNLEASHED: My Life as a Therapy Dog Dropout

In this pawtastic second book of Chipper’s autobiDOGraphy series, the wonderfully imperfect pup is on a mission to change the world and prove that our failed dreams don’t make us failures.  Chipper’s exciting true tale begins with a move to the Colorado Rockies-- land of wildflowers, bluebirds, rabbits, squirrels, deer, bears, and mountain lions!  The busy, brown-eyed mutt has trouble dividing her time between digging, hiking, squirrel surveillance, book signing events, television appearances, newspaper interviews, nursing home visits, paw-painted art auctions, a High Five Challenge event, Poop Bingo, and a suspenseful bird murder trial (of which she is the prime suspect).  Chipper’s nonstop schedule continues with the help of her younger sister, Cheyenne, as they teach important dog skills to a neverending stream of foster puppies:  Anna Banana, Lupo, Droopy, Little Bear, Timber, and many more.  Chipper’s story will inspire you to just be yourself and use your talents to make the world a brighter place.



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PAWsitive Reviews!
”Chipper Unleashed!” is a master follow-up to “Chipper’s Friends: The Heartwarming Story of an Imperfect Dog”! It was hard to stop reading once I started because Chipper, her sister Cheyenne, and her human mother are characters I wish were my neighbors. Chipper – therapy dog dropout, master digger, and superior squirrel surveyor – tells her own stories of how doing kindnesses for others inspired her legions of friends, both fur and human, around the globe. Anecdotes about the various puppies she helped foster, like Droopy, Amelia/Agnes and Lupo, tugged at my heartstrings, and I laughed myself silly reading about her first television appearance, Poop Bingo, llama races, and her trial for allegedly murdering a woodpecker. This book both entertains and inspires, and would be a perfect gift for dog-lovers of any age! -Natine Abreu-Shaw, Secretary/mama to Willie and Gracie of Corgi Characters Oh my gosh! What a wonderful sequel to Chipper’s first book! Chipper and Cheyenne are just pawsome pups. Their adventures are so much fun to read about! Pick up a copy of both Chipper’s books. You won’t be disappointed!! -Cindy H. I can't seem to get enough of these dogs!!! Always inventive, always trying to do good deeds, always funny!!! I've bought these books for all ages. My young friends read them with their children, trying not to giggle ahead of the kids understanding. And my older friends (who are not on Facebook), can't wait for a new story for me to share with them. Chipper and Cheyenne bring so much to the world with their outlook on life and the ability to take tough things and make it better. The world is indeed better by having this family sharing with all of us! Take the time to read this book, you will laugh and smile all the way through it!!! Buy a book for you and a book for a friend! The profits go to great causes! -Sue Vorchheimer Chipper and her family are pawsitively uplifting!!! Her books will make you laugh and inspire you to make a difference in the world. Both books are a must read and make perfect gifts for the animal lovers in your life. Do yourself a favor and get both books at once because when you start reading, you will NOT want to stop! -Wendy Sams This book should be a best seller! Michelle Jansick so perfectly captures Chipper’s “voice” that you forget that Chipper isn’t actually the author of the book. I feel I cannot adequately describe how much heart this book has. You’ll laugh, have warm fuzzies and just feel good about reading it. Worth your time. Give it a chance. You’ll be happy you did. -Julie L. After reading Chipper’s first book I was keen to get my paws on her new book. I was not disappointed. Between squirrel surveillance, digging projects, puppy training and hiking, Chipper manages to make the world a better place one kind act at a time. This is a great book to restore your faith in man and dog kind and have a good laugh. Chipper, you really are an amazing dog. I give the book 5 squirrels out of 5. Wuf u Chipper!! -Hazel Prosser Chipper's sequel is just as hilarious, heartwarming, and inspiring as her first book! I couldn’t put it down, and sometimes I laughed so hard that I could barely breathe. Chipper is a great example of how to live life unleashed, so I’m trying to be more like her. I struggle with being a perfectionist and people-pleaser, whereas Chipper embraces her flaws and follows her own path without worrying about the approval of others. Chipper has taught me to view life as an adventure, laugh at myself, let my guard down, and have the courage to march to the beat of my own drum. -Pamela T. Chipper has done it again! Her sequel to “Chipper’s Friends: The Heartwarming Story of an Imperfect Dog” is a hit. Don’t miss your chance to find out how Chipper is changing the world. -Sylvia G. This is the 2nd book by Chipper, my Facebook friend. I have read both, and love them! They made me smile, they made me laugh, and no matter what mood I'm in, when I see Chipper and her sister Cheyenne, especially their videos, I laugh so much! I highly recommend both books. Everybody needs to smile. Chipper will do it. Love you Chipper! -Danielle S.

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