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Meet The Pawthor Hi! I’m Chipper, and I am a girl dog. My dad named me Chipper because most people use the word “happy” to describe me. It’s true. I am happy—even though I had a rough start in life. I grew up as a stray pup until the Colorado Puppy Rescue saved me in 2009. Now I live in the Rocky Mountains with my younger sister, Cheyenne (a rescued husky mix). My hobbies include hiking, looking for squirrels, helping my crazy mom foster 265+ shelter puppies, and cheering for my dad's beloved Minnesota Vikings football team. I have amazing Facebook fans in 75 countries! I have been featured in Woman’s World Magazine, American Dog Magazine, Denver Dog Magazine, and Mile High Dog. I’ve also been on CBS News Denver and Pet Radio. My mom began training me to become a therapy dog as soon as she adopted me, and I passed the certification test on my first try! Things were going great until I reached adulthood and started barking at little old ladies. My mom pulled me out of the therapy dog program, and I was feeling like a four-legged failure until she reminded me that when one doggy door closes, another one opens. She said I could still make a difference even though I wasn’t perfect, and that’s when I got the idea to write my autobiDOGraphy. I’m living proof that our failed dreams don’t make us failures! I've been donating at least 50% of my net book profits every month since I published my first book in 2013, and-- thanks to everyone who has bought my books-- so far I've been able to donate over $5000 to charities that help children and animals (see the Chipper Gives page of my website for more details). With the help of Cheyenne and the 30+ squirrels sent to us by friends all over the world, our FUNdraisers (e.g. Kindness Thinking Cap auction, Friendship Scarves auction, Paw-painted Art auctions), I'm thrilled to report that we have raised an additional $16,800+ to help rescue shelter pets, mill dogs, laboratory animals, and children in the sex trade. I hope our story makes you laugh and inspires you to brighten your corner of the world! Check me out - I'm famous!!

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