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CHIPPER AND CHEYENNE: The Power of the Paw

In this highly entertaining third book of Chipper’s autobiDOGraphy series, the world’s beloved CANINEdidate embarks on a fun-filled journey to become not only the first female president, but also the first dog president.  With the help of Cheyenne and a top-notch squirrel campaign staff, Chipper auctions off campaign buttons, patriotic T-shirts, and Kindness Thinking Caps—raising thousands of dollars to help rescue shelter pets, mill dogs, laboratory animals, and trafficked children.  Shelter pups Justice, Liberty, Stars, Stripes, Freedom, and Hope join the celebration; then Chipper and Cheyenne take a short break from politics to host the Foster Puppy Olympics with Simone, Katie, and Allyson.  The excitement continues with exploding cabins, killer gnats, Firewood Jenga, ziplining, river rafting, birthday hats, High Butt Salutes, lemonade stands, the Return of Phyllis, Howl-o-ween, the knitted Vikings scarf, yellow snowmen, ugly sweater contests, redneck brothers, Olive Oyl, Holly Jolly, Quincy, and The Apology Brownies!  Come join the party!

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